Bringing B4RN community broadband to Burton, Capenhurst, Ledsham, Ness, Puddington, Shotwick, Two Mills and Woodbank

Over 3500 homes and businesses (and counting…) in communities across rural Lancashire already enjoy fast, reliable, affordable and future-proof pure fibre optic B4RN broadband.
We aim to bring it here



Next Meeting

We are excited to announce our next public sessions on Saturday 27th January 2018: Capenhurst  –  9.30am – 12.30, Capenhurst Village Hall. Burton – 3.00 – 5.00, Gladstone Village Hall. You are welcome to attend these drop-in Read more…


A big thank you !

Wow, the meeting at Gladstone Hall on Thursday 19th October 2017 was a full house! Thank you very much indeed to all who attended and we hope you found Barry Forde’s  talk informative and useful. Read more…


New and improved website

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the public meeting two weeks today. Hope you like the new website and find it useful!

What you need to know....

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) have a proven, affordable, and highly successful community-based approach to providing very high speed broadband in rural areas


Six years ago, the people of rural Lancashire decided to do something about their poor broadband


The result was Broadband for the Rural North, a community benefit, non-profit company owned by the communities it serves


B4RN enables communities to build their own brand new, very very fast, pure fibre optic network

Very very fast

The B4RN service is many times faster than you will be used to. You can download a full HD film in 10 seconds for example. It can also upload as fast as it downloads making working from home as fast (or faster) than the office


Unlike other providers, B4RN subscribers all get the same very high speed service. No 'up to' caveats here and no extra charges for reaching remote properties


B4RN is completely independent and will remain so. It cannot be sold to, or be taken over by, commercial companies

How it works

Investors buy shares in B4RN. B4RN uses the money to buy network equipment. Landowners allow the B4RN network to cross their land, landowners/volunteers build the network, subscribers pay back the investors. Surplus money goes back to the community (phew!)

Why this way

The B4RN approach keeps the cost of building our new high speed future-proof network to an absolute minimum. In particular, landowners giving free permission to cross their land, and volunteers building the network, keeps the investment needed to a realistic level and the cost of the service to subscribers low

When will it happen

B4RN's unofficial motto is JFDI (Just Flipping Do It). B4RN enables communities to build their own B4RN-connected network. So, once a community has identified potential subscribers, got the agreement of landowners, raised investment and trained volunteers, work can start and progress as fast as we want it to!


£30 per month on a 1 month contract. £150 install. Simple. You can even pay just for installation and activate the service when you are ready, perhaps when your current contract expires. You can even get a free connection if you invest £1500


Landowners are crucial to the success of B4RN. By giving free permission (wayleaves) to cross their land, the huge cost and disruption of digging roads is avoided. In return, landowners benefit from access to the world's fastest rural broadband as well as enhancing their neighbours lives


Small schools and churches usually get the B4RN service for free. Also, B4RN is a non-profit organisation so surplus income is returned to the community


B4RN have great rates for local businesses and enterprises. Businesses up to 5 staff pay the same £30 pm as the domestic service for example. Tap icon for the current B4RN price list


Our network will be funded largely by local investors. Once we are officially part of B4RN you will be able to buy B4RN shares ringfenced for our project. Shares can be sold back to B4RN after a minimum 3 years or left in to earn 5% pa. The HMRC EIS scheme enables individual tax payers to claim 30% tax relief on their investment. It is also possible to loan B4RN money at 4% pa.


Demand for the B4RN service is (obviously) the most crucial thing! We need only a small proportion of the community to show interest in subscribing to make the project viable


Volunteers from the community build the network. This includes landowners who may elect to bury the 16mm plastic tubing themselves or accept the help of other volunteers. In return credits can be earned and used to buy shares in B4RN


The B4RN network is extremely reliable and failures are very rare. if you do have an issue you will be able to talk directly to someone knowledgeable at their headquarters in Melling, Lancashire. No call centres. No scripts. Just real people whose aim is to help

The techie bit

B4RN provides a 1 gigabit (1000mb) FTTP (Fibre To The Premises), symmetrical, low latency, PtP (Point to Point) service. For everyone. The network uses the same highly reliable commodity hardware used by thousands of companies all over the world


You can keep your existing phone line if you wish but the B4RN service doesn't need it. If you decide not to keep your old phone line, use one of the internet phone services such as Vonage, sipgate, Voipfone etc. You will be able to use your existing phone number and equipment in many cases